Why Runwae?

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INFLUENCE: Prove and show that any one individual with even one social media account can participate and become a part of the Runwae Apparel team; in turn, YOU, the consumer have the ability to influence friends and family member to do the same.

INSPIRE: Micro-Influencers have taken over social media at such a high rate that it has become difficult to understand who or what they are influencing, whereas as a Runwae Apparel affiliate you will know exactly who you are inspiring and in a positive way.

INNOVATE: As a family member of the Runwae Apparel, innovation is key; there are numerous opportunities and ideas for products and designs that can be added, both, in the short-term as the company grows, and in the long-term once Runwae apparel has been able to review, test, and quote the additional ideas brought by the core team, and YOU.

TEAMWORK: It is an absolute necessity for all core members of Runwae Apparel, and its affiliates (YOU) work together to come up with new ideas, present potential problems to be resolved, and to work together with the same goal in mind; SUCCESS.

EMPOWER: Being an affiliate, influencer, inspiration, innovator, and part of the team will fully empower you to help the company, as whole, move in the right direction.


This follows the basic principles of the domino effect but at an exponential rate. One individual at Runwae Apparel shares the information and link to the products available via any social media venue. In turn, this individual, may have three friends who saw the link, liked what they saw, and with one click of a button also shared the information and link. Those three friends, also had a number of friends interested.

This is serving as a venue for free advertising. However, the best part is that although the advertising is free, each contributor, yes YOU, and subsequent friends, are each making money each time the information is forwarded and spread.

Runwae Apparel is here to remind you ARE a part of the Runwae team and that any ideas for inspirational designs and products to sustain the ever-growing rhythm is going to help EVERYONE involved in the end.

There is nothing negative about this approach, and more importantly, it is 100% legal. Instead, this innovative approach is a step for exponential growth in products, services, and finances for all of us!

Here is a generic image of how the pyramid will grow starting with just one contributor, within half of a day: 

The most beneficial part of the example shown above is that all 12 contributors will be able to receive monetary compensation simply for sharing the information and link. As seen above, up to 243 individuals could become contributors within half a day, and all of them will also be compensated.


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